Amazing Dining At Stock Kitchen: Irish Wheaten Bread & Fish Casserole

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Stock Kitchen and Bar in Belfast provide diners with fresh, high-quality meals. Based above the famous St George’s Market in Belfast, they have first access to the freshest and finest ingredients from local producers to create their stunning dishes.

If you were ever curious into how some of these dishes are created or wanted to give them a try yourself at recreating at home, here’s an inside look into their Irish wheaten bread and fish casserole. Danny Millar, Chef Proprieter of Stock Kitchen and Bar, takes us through the diner favourite.

Stock Kitchen Twist on Irish Wheaten Bread

The best traditional Irish food can’t be found anywhere else in the world unless you are in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. Irish wheaten bread is one of the most popular food choices for residents and visitors as it is one dish that isn’t easily found anywhere else. At Stock Kitchen, they pride themselves on their Irish wheaten bread that has a slight twist from the more traditional recipe as they like to change it up by adding mustard and treacle.


This recipe is a simple and straight-forward recipe perfect for those looking to try their hand at creating their own bread for the first time.

The Stock Kitchen Fish Casserole

As the restaurant and bar is situated above St George’s Market, the kitchen always has access to the freshest ingredients each day from local suppliers. This ensures diners can always expect high-quality ingredients. The love of the local food scene is evident in the Stock Kitchen menu as it is inspired by the fabulous local produce. A great example of this is their much-loved fish casserole.

Using fish carefully selected from local and trusted fishmongers within St George’s Market, Danny and his team create a casserole with the best fish available in Northern Ireland.

All aspects of the dish, from the stock to sauces, are created from scratch with the best ingredients. To ensure the best flavour is created, all elements of the fish are used to infuse the stock. This is another great dish to try at home or even better, call into the beautiful restaurant and try it straight from the kitchen at Stock Kitchen and Bar.

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