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Throughout the world, Ireland has gained prominence as a European hub of culture, trade and tourism. Indeed, five million visitors flock to the North every year to experience the attractions, ranging from personalised Game of Thrones tours and the Giant’s Causeway to political murals and the Titanic Experience. However, Ireland continues to punch above its weight in the world of cuisine and fresh produce, with food tourists celebrating the island for its unrivalled offering of seafood and stouts. 

At Stock Kitchen, we pride ourselves on our eclectic menu which has been put together with some of the finest local ingredients in mind. From some of the country’s most sought-after whiskeys and fresh shellfish caught from the island’s wild and jagged shores, our menu offers unforgettable taste experiences.

Whiskey at Stock Kitchen



Stock Kitchen are proud to stock Bushmills, the 400-year-old Irish institution which has built an international brand around its rich portfolio of whiskeys. Triple-distilled, Irish malt whiskey is blended with a lighter grain whiskey to create the original favourite, which picked up 36 awards this year. Enjoy the original recipe’s rich, smooth flavours instantly with a truly versatile whiskey that can be drank neat, on the rocks or with your favourite mixer. With background notes of fresh fruit and vanilla, Bushmill’s Original offers a fruity burst with vegetal, woody and organic aromas with hints of honey, oats and elderflower. A spicy finish with lingering metallic tinges of brass and cardamon, this is a whiskey to be respected. 



Similarly to Bushmills and Jameson, Dunville has established itself as a favourite in Ireland’s booming whiskey industry, with distilleries in operation since the late 1700s. Now, one of the best Irish single malts under 12 years is back in Stock Kitchen with a complexity of flavour rarely experienced in such delicate whiskeys. With a sensual expression that is truly worthy of the brand’s roots in royalty, Dunville returns with its recently revived selection of Very Rare range of whiskeys, presented by Echlinville distillery and finished in Pedro Ximénez casks. Visitors to Stock Kitchen can now sample this 10-year-old single malt, bursting with notes of orchard fruit, custard and hard-boiled sweets. Our offering of Dunville whiskey is a deep gold in colour with a nose of sweet sherry and a palate of roasted vanilla and caramel. All of these flavours combine to create a Christmas cake-style finish, with hints of stewed dried fruits, candied oranges and crème brûlée. A truly excellent floral whiskey, this beverage has a unique and complex character. 



Redbreast is the highest-selling single pot still Irish whiskey in the world, and it’s clear to see why: bursting with aroma and flavour, Redbreast 12-year-old has been created by a variety of distillates matured in Oloroso sherry casks. The nose of the whiskey comes as a spicy, fruity aroma with complementing hints of toasted wood throughout. These spicy and woody flavours are beautifully balanced by creamy, fruity and sherry notes, with a satisfyingly long and complex flavours which comfortably linger on the palate. All of these taste sensations combine to form a distinct character, almost reminiscent of Christmas cake. Single pot whiskeys are historically unique to Ireland, and use both malted and unmalted barley in its mash. Stock Kitchen are proud to offer Redbreast, one of a handful of single pot still whiskeys still in existence in Ireland today. 


On the Menu: Local Ingredients


Finnebrogue Wagyu Beef

Finnebrogue is widely celebrated across Northern Ireland as one of the most trusted experts in premium meat products including burgers, venison and Wagyu beef. Stock Kitchen are proud to stock Wagyu beef, a highly prized meat appreciated for its tenderness and soft, buttery flavour. Wagyu beef is identifiable with its intense, fat marbling, thanks to strict guidelines around the rearing and feeding of cattle. Breeding cattle are grazed on pasture, ensuring a lot of marbling and rich flavours.


Carlingford Oysters

Found among Stock Kitchen’s eclectic menu are the famous Carlingford oysters. Farmed in Carlingford Lough where oysters have thrived for centuries, these morsels have a uniquely sweet taste and high meat content, making them a favourite in seafood establishments across the country. It takes over three years to grow these oysters to market size, with the Lough’s huge water exchange shaping each one into a delicate tear-drop shape with a strong shell and pristine enamel coating.


Young Buck Cheese 

Young Buck Cheese is a new arrival to Northern Ireland’s impressive offering of independently-produced cheeses. A raw-milk blue cheese, Young Buck is traditionally made using hand-ladling techniques to create a flavour which lingers on the pallet. With milk sourced from a small, local farm, only 27 young buck cheeses are made every week. The cheese is based on a recipe for Stilton, using unpasteurised milk. It is then matured for up to 15 weeks before being sold as a rich, creamy and well-rounded cheese. 


Castle Ward Pheasant 

One of the most popular poultry meats, pheasant was native to Europe’s far east before its introduction to the UK centuries ago. Now, Stock Kitchen are proud to offer pheasant sourced from Castle Ward, County Down. With flesh that is pale, firm and lean, pheasant offers a subtle gamey flavour, with a delicate breast meat which tends to be darker and more sinewy in consistency. 


Ballyhornan Langoustines, Crab and Smoked Salmon 

Northern Ireland is known for its world class seafood and fishing industry. Stock Kitchen are delighted to offer our visitors the finest selection of langoustines, crab and smoked salmon sourced exclusively from East Coast Seafood’s Ballyhornan fisheries. With award winning products, all of East Coast Seafood’s products are caught locally and sourced from a community of locally-based fishermen. For seafood lovers, our selection of shellfish and white meat are truly unmissable.

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